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"Diamond C Cowboy Try, call name “JB”, has been exactly what I wanted in my next puppy.  I saw his sire, Doc, compete at the 2021 ASCA Nationals and fell in love with Doc’s temperament and working style.  Doc, who went on to win the High Combined Open dog for the National trial is a strong but biddable cowdog that has a wonderful temperament.  After seeing Doc work stock and meeting him in Texas, I knew I wanted my next working Aussie to be one of his pups.  I reached out to Tom to express my interest in a Doc pup and a few months later, JB came to live with me. 

JB has proven to be a chip off the old block.  He has a wonderful temperament around people and other dogs.  He is not bothered by new experiences.  I credit that to Tom’s amazing work as a breeder.  He exposed the litter to new things on a daily basis, interacted with them constantly, and kept me updated on how the puppies were developing. 

Temperament aside, JB is also showing traits that will make him a successful farm and trial dog.  He showed interest in my sheep from the moment I brought him home at eight weeks of age.  He was fascinated with cattle from the first time he saw them.  He has been very quick to learn and enjoys working with me.  We have spent a lot of time on foundation skills that make him a joy to live with and will set our future stock training up for success.  I have a 5 year old intact male Aussie, who is JB’s uncle, and JB gets along fine with my other dog.  While it is apparent that JB is the more dominant of the two males, JB appropriately defers to my leadership. 

While no formal stock training has begun, in monthly exposures to sheep, JB is showing drive, determination, confidence, ability to think, and lots of bite.  All indications are that he will be primarily a heel dog but will also bite heads.  I am looking forward to beginning his regular stockdog training, but am also being careful not to rush him.  I can tell that he will be a special dog, like his sire, so I am taking my time, working on my relationship with the pup, and waiting for him to mature even more before serious training begins.  I’m looking forward to this puppy’s future."

Donna Marsh

Tom, Doc & Leap (Owner Bonnie Heitz)

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